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Ìdrima was founded in 2012 by Jorge Bascuñan, through a combination of participants from two projects: The multimedia collective Baillistas, and the contemporary dance classes taught at Studio Movimento em Vida in São Paulo. From the beginning, Ìdrima is recognized for its experimental, performative and pedagogical work. This combination is possible through different artistic languages in a profile that permeates and integrates art and politics. The company is made up of ‘non-dancers’ - independent artists who seek to develop their own languages ​​without necessarily conforming to traditional standards of dance techniques. The creative process rises from constant research for movement paths and body awareness, which take place in the translation and transmission of stimuli, such as texts, images and questions, for body language. Some elements of its artistic language have been consolidated throughout its existence and have become a registered trademark. The magical realism, for example, of both painting and literature, has always served as an inspiration for the works carried out by the company. Its surreal and fantastic elements, have been constantly explored and deepened, in the gestures, in the conception and symbology of the choreographies, in the artistic and aesthetic treatment of common situations frequently approached in their productions. The company's repertoire is composed of the performances: “Sob as dimensões do corpo” (2012), “Cotidiano” (2013), “Saeculum” (2014) and “Além da Orelha do Coelho” (2014). In 2015, the Company decided to suspend its activities due to lack of financial support. Precisely now, in 2020, facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Ìdrima emerge, motivated by the debate about the need to re-signify the artistic expression, as well as its function and relevance in quarantine times.


Ìntimo estranho

Além da Orelha do Coelho


Cadavre Exquis


Sob as dimensões do corpo

Partes do corpo

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