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Baillistas Collective

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About us


The Baillistas Collective is a group of transmedia artists who work with a mixture of performative and visual languages - temporal and timeless arts. It uses dance, photography, and video to re-signify urban life in big cities into poetic expression.


The artists are responsible for the creation, direction, casting, development, artistic production, budget control and outreach for the series. Each location is carefully chosen and previously studied in order to develop the context and the feeling that the series will convey. After that, the compositions with the characters are elaborated and the whole production is contemplated (set items, costumes, props, and makeup).


In 2016 the collective was selected to perform 2 days at SP-ARTE at the Biennale Pavilion. Moreover, the series #6 was designed for “Madrugada Desperada” - a Desperados’ web series presented by Fernanda Young in collaboration with Conspiração Filmes.


In all, there are 8 series produced, 1 performance, and 1 video art, which was selected in 2 international festivals: Cinematica video festival – ITA, and Video Movimento videodanza – COL.


Serie #1 Essay on chaos, 2012

Serie #2 Inertia, 2012

Serie #3 Solitude, 2013

Serie #4 Impervious, 2014

Serie #5 Between the ephemeral and the concrete, 2015

Serie #6 Oneiric disorder, 2016

Serie #7 Pathological adaptation, 2016

Serie #8 Panopticon blue, 2018


Video #1 If anything     the dialogue



Serie #7 Pathological adaptation, 2016


Performance #1Essay on chaos

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