Jorge Bascuñan

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Jorge Bascuñan is a Brazilian Freelance Artist, Teacher, and Director, currently based in Berlin. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, and he is certificated in Cinematography and Actor’s Direction both at his hometown, São Paulo. Since 2012 he is co-director of the ‘Baillistas Collective’ of Photography and Multi-art. In 2016 he moved to Germany where he concluded the master’s program in contemporary dance education (MA CoDE, HfMDK, Germany). His independent work is based on questioning the meanings of socially constructed bodies, identity, and sexuality. With a provocative irony, he intends to re-signify symbolic aspects of contemporary corporality. Bascuñan reveals his multidisciplinary experiments, mixing photography, video, drawing, sounds, and text with research on movement, contextualizing it in the realm of art and politics.

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